7 fundamental reasons to respect Iceland


Iceland is a huge, but low populated island, located in the North-Atlantic ocean close by the Arctic Circle. Due to its location, Iceland is used for a link between Europe and North America. Reykjavik is the capital and the largest city in Iceland, respectively 70% of all Icelanders live there. The extreme forces of nature and the specific location creates a magical place fulfilled with strange in a wonderful way people.Below are 7 essential reasons why I love and respect Iceland.

1. The country of poets

All types of art are popular among the Icelanders, but reading and writing poetry is a national discipline, ministers, scientists, shepherds, fishermen, more or less everybody is into verse. Of course, this passion has given great results and nowadays Iceland is proud of decent worldwide authors.

Halldór Kiljan Laxness is the first  Icelandic writer received a Nobel Prize for literature.

2. A great nightlife

Surprisingly, all kind of alcoholic drinks were banned in Iceland from 1915 to 1989, more surprisingly the decision is taken after a referendum. In dissonance with that, these days the nightlife is idolized, the locals are super social and love partying hard. In case you want to experience night Reykjavík, consider that the high price of the alcohol keeps the bars and clubs empty until midnight while the Icelanders warming up at home, otherwise you will enjoy a great night, for sure.

An ordinary night in Reykjavík.

Icelandic girls clubbing after midnight.

A quick guide regarding the nightlife in Iceland.

3. Icelandic language

Icelanders are proud of their Viking’s history and language, the Ministry of Iceland has a department which purpose is to keep save the Icelandic from adopting foreign words. The employees there work as creators of new words, therefore  the Icelanders proudly call for example the computer – tölva, the TV-Sjónvarp and the rocket – eldflaugar .

The name of a street in Iceland.

4. Football

There is not a football fan who can stay toneless behind the Icelandic national football team after Euro 2016 in France. Strákarnir okkar (our boys) reached the quarterfinal passing through Hungary, Austria unluckily got draw against the upcoming champion Portugal in the groups, defeated all-stars team of England in the round of 16 and lost to France. A respectful achievement for such a small country, isn’t it?

Welcoming the national football team after Euro 2016.

5. Nature

Iceland is the perfect destination for nature lovers and photographers. There is a stunning mix of volcanoes, glaciers, lava fields, waterfalls, black sand beaches, geysers, and unique mountains. Another amazing natural attraction is the Northern Lights. Nevertheless not guaranteed, there is a great chance for the visitors, especially during the winter to enjoy them.

Another reason to respect the Icelanders related to nature is the lack of sun for 6 months and respectively lack of night for 6 months. This is just amazing to see smiled and funny people living half of the year in a huge cave.


6. Women

The Icelandic women are beautiful, but this is not the main reason to respect them. They are natural, smart, funny and equal to the men in all aspects, for example, to see a woman working as a building constructor or fisherman is something totally normal in Iceland. Furthermore, they drink like men, play football like men and laugh like men.

Björk Guðmundsdóttir known as Björk is the most famous Icelandic woman, she is a singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, and actress.

Halla Vilhjálmsdóttir is a singer, television and film actress . She started  MBA in University of Oxford with a GMAT score above 700

Þórunn Antonía is a singer and social activist in Iceland.

Heiða Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir is a model and a successful farmer who owns 500 sheep.

7. The political environment

The Icelanders broke the rules in 2010 when their votes gave 6 of 15 seats in the parliament to a joke party called ‘Best party’ and its founder John Gnarr was chosen for mayor of Reykjavik. Most of the members were colorful people like rockers, actors, musicians, comedians, and bloggers. In its platform they claimed that all political parties are secretly corrupt, therefore they will be openly corrupt. They promised free towels in every swimming pool, a polar bear in the Zoo and Disneyland in one of the neighborhoods.

The former mayor of Reykjavik Jon Gnarr participating in Pride 2011.

This song was part of Best party’s campaign for elections 2009.

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