Hello, everybody!

Coffee with Manuel is a personal blog, which purpose is to satisfy my desire to reach a broad spectrum of people and communicate with them.
The idea for the blog has been inspired by my cancer, during the treatment and before I was stuck at home for a very long time and really missed my daily portion of interacting with people.

Here is a little more about me. My name is Manuel Stanimirov, born and raised in Bulgaria currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I studied marketing, then innovations and entrepreneurship. In my professional path, I worked as a bartender, cook, carpenter, handy boy in a warehouse, market analyst, marketing assistant and so on.

My passion for writing derives from my childhood, spending quite a while reading books and writing essays. Furthermore, in my teenage years was a member of a hip-hop band and wrote lyrics.

I am passionate about sport, art, politics, economy, healthy lifestyle,  movies, walks in nature, cycling, traveling. In short, I am passionate about life!

I hope you will enjoy your coffee with me and my thoughts!

Warm greetings