The decadence of the Brazilian football empire

One of the pillars in building an empire is a common religion. In Brazil, the people profess football, the players in the national team are saints and the fans react as martyrs when their ‘Little canaries ‘loose.

Pasadena,USA, 1994 Selesao triumphed over Italy on the final

Step by step, since the end of 80’s the Brazilians created a football superpower, which soldiers had the potential to seize the control in each game and enter the exit of the battle field as a winner.
The great achievements started in 1989 at home, behind 148 000 spectators on Maracanã, the Brazilians triumphed over Uruguay and took a seat on the throne of South America, afterwards  in 1994 in USA and 2002 in Japan and South Korea, the football world was subordinate to the green and yellow, but afterwards the Brazilian football empire started to decline.

It does not mean that everything was smooth in the period 1989-2002, the lost final in France 1998, and dropping out in round of 16 in Italy 1990, the countless unsuccessful experiments in Copa America and so on, but throughout this time, the rivals were fearful to face them, in all leading teams in Europe played Brazilians and most of them had a status of world stars.

All-stars Brazilian team celebrating the fifth World Cup in Japan

What happened after 2002?

Even though that the changes between the different football generations are always tough and require sacrifices, which means temporary bad performances and lack of successes.  Selesao was able to come back stronger after them and always in touch with the football trends.

Regrettably, after 2002 Brazil lost the right track, nobody can deny the golden cups from Copa America in 2004 and 2007, but the team has not been competitive to Europeans and local rivalries in general. The bottom was hit in 2014, hosting the World Cup, Selesao lost 7-1 to Germany in the semifinal, and then Netherland passed through five-time world champions 3-0 in the third-place play.

The Brazilian players humiliating lost 7-1 to Germany

Asked to comment the bad results for the magazine 4-4-2, Mano Menezes, a former coach of the team said: “The level of our players nowadays is technically worse. Our ball control is worse, as is our passing, and people sometimes confuses juggling with the ability to play football, but they are different things.” Menezes added as well: “We see that the European football that has been developed (in recent years), does everything better than us. We still have the dribbling, the pure individual ability of the players a talent, but we don’t know how to develop players like we used to do in the past. That’s why we are lagging behind.”



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