Zlatan, the last from an endangered species!


“You can take a kid out of Rosengård, but you can never take Rosengård out of that kid” Zlatan’s quote in his home district.

A few days ago all football media loudly announced that Zlatan Ibrahimovic-one of the most prolific strikers in football for the past 20 years, signed a contract for LA Galaxy after a friendly separation with Manchester United. Despite his stunning debut -2 goals in 20 minutes, some analysts saw negatively his relocation to MLS, but I am completely sure that the Swede will be a great match to his new club and the fans, and the league will only benefit of his presence. Below are 5 reasons that explain why the Ibra’s success is guaranteed in the United States.



The Zlatan’s magic and charisma are not hidden as he said “in my hair like Samson” but in his background. He was born in Rosengård, a place known as one the worst ghettos in Sweden, in a family of a Croatian mother and Bosnian father, both immigrants from former Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, the marital harmony between his parents did not last for long, and they got divorced after a few years, and Zlatan’s dad, who could not pay the high child support, decided to take care of him. Being in this tough situation to grow with a single parent in a country which is not exactly his fatherland, helped the future football star to fortify his character and create the DNA of  winner who  is always demanding to squeeze the best of himself.

Prolific Goal scores

* in the picture are calculated Zlatan’s goals until 2014

There are only very few people who can raise the level in their clubs, especially if they are among the best in the world but Zlatan is one of them with his prolific scoring skills. He creates goals like a machine, from everywhere, no matter the distance, the angle, the part of the body. Ibra’s abilities to score goals could be compared only with highly optimized Japanese car manufacturer. Let’s justify my words with little bit statistics, in 457 matches he scored 321 goals which mean 0,61 goals per game, some of them real masterpieces. It is an incredible achievement, even by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s impeccable standards.


In his career, Ibrahimovic’s value does not only lie in his goals. He is also an extremely creative player, demonstrating an exceptional combination of prolific ability in front of goal and excellent vision, technique, and unselfishness when his teammates are better placed.In addition, Ibracadabra is always capable of making unpleasant surprices for the opposite goalkeepres with his vivid imagination and  unique skills.


When asked about Ronaldo’s phenomenal goal against Juventus, Ibrahimovic said: ” He scored a beautiful goal today but he should try it from 40 meters and see if it goes in.”- as Zlatan did a while ago.

Zlatan has always been a leader in the teams he played. Often with the captain’s armband, he leads his teammates during the games and training as well. All of the Swede’s former coaches have lauded his professional approach to training and match preparation. His being in the clubs has also been crucial in altering the character of the squad toward a greater level of professionalism. In addition, Ibra is a smart man who loves the leader’s role and he knows that the leadership requires great performances.

Off-Field Role

Since his arrival in Los Angeles, the Swede is under the spotlight, made tons of interviews and started participating in TV broadcasts. Besides his important role on the pitch, usually Ibrahimovic is loved by the fans and media and it seems to be the same in the states. His smiling face already shines around Los Angeles, taking a crucial part for La Galaxy’s marketing and attracting more spectators to the American soccer league.



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